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How to lose weight fast while on a Greek island. It’s easier than you think!


Oh yes, Greece. Who wouldn’t want to visit the birth place of democracy? This is the country that founded modern western medicine, invented philosophy, wine, stuffed grape leaves and the gyro. Thousands of miles of coastline beckon you at every turn, ancient ruins, and who can miss all of those bronzed bodies frolicking along the beaches?  Let Greece’s cuisine and lifestyle slip you out of a few pounds and into your inner Aphrodite or Zeus.


Modern Greece, built on a foundation of brilliance, olives, and healthy eating!

Greece is a vacation paradise, from dancing all night under the stars to finding a nice quiet beach and reading a book. Or you could go boating about the Aegean following in the footsteps of Odysseus. Or some other famous Greek dude. While you are surrounded by beauty, ancient cultural landmarks and thousands of places to explore, the last thing on your mind is dieting. Guess what? By just being in Greece you are doing wonders for your stress levels and your diet!


Stress and food.

The link between an overabundance of stress and weight gain is scientific fact and has been for a long time. Higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol increase appetite, drive cravings for sugar, starches and junk food, all the while increasing your belly fat index. Sometimes dangerously. The Greek islands offer a stress-free lifestyle and the ever so fabulous Mediterranean diet, which the Greeks invented. Thousands of years ago.


Friends Happiness Enjoying Dinning Eating Concept

Friends Happiness Enjoying Dinning Eating Concept

What is the Mediterranean diet?

In a nutshell, the Mediterranean diet comprises a high consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes, olive oil, nuts, and moderate intake of proteins. It is a diet that is healthy for your heart, your belly, your toes and all the places in between. Since the Mediterranean diet is still a staple of Greek foods, at restaurants, hotels or anywhere you go, it’s hard to not eat well while you are here. Not only is the Mediterranean diet extremely healthy, it tastes marvelous too.


Losing weight in Greece? Easy!

So while your Greek vacation might not have been planned as a weight loss vacation, with a modicum of attention to detail it will become a weight loss trip. Easing stress and eating healthy foods are the key. Plus with all the other things Greece has to offer, you cannot go wrong. If you are very lucky, your vacation might become a stay-cation!

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